While Adorned: Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel Together is a helpful book for every woman wanting to live out the mandate of Titus 2, it is even more beneficial to read it together as a group.

With the additional resources, like the Small Group Study Guide and accompanying DVDs, you can tailor your study to fit your group’s needs: 

• If you’re wanting vibrant group discussion, the Adorned Small Group Study Guide provides questions to get you started. This resource is available for purchase here

• If you want extra teaching for your group, you can watch related videos for each chapter. Twenty-minute teaching sessions and accompanying original skits will help the message of Titus 2 come alive for the ladies in your study. You can purchase the DVDs at our store, or the videos are also available here to stream online.

We hope this study truly helps your group to “live out the beauty of the gospel together.”